Our Company

Our Company

“The Greek ideal was born from the well-being in life and was enriched by the countless natural products and herbs found in our mother country for the care and treatment of the body .... Herodicus Care, a company in the field of personal care, was created and motived from Ancient Greece and the time of Herodicus, the father of sports medicine.”

Our History

Herodicus Care, is a new and Greek company that was established in 2017, by a team of two professionals, the one with a vast experience in Greek and International pharmaceutical companies, in strategic positions as marketing, sales and product innovation and the other a physiotherapist, with a long working experience in major sports leagues and renowned physiotherapy centers.

Our Philosophy

The four pillars upon which our company's philosophy is based on are honesty, trust, innovation and quality.

  • We always give an honest look to our clients' needs.
  • We constantly earn the trust of our clients, thus increasing our company's worth.
  • We develop innovative products from high quality raw materials with great respect and care for the consumer.
  • We offer products of the highest caliber in a constantly evolving market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading Greek company by developing and supplying innovative, effective and reliable products of high quality in the areas of health, physiotherapy and personal care, thus contributing to a better quality of life for our clients.

Herodicus, the Selymbrian

The company’s name “Herodicus Care” has been inspired by Herodicus, the Selymbrian, an Ancient Greek athlete, gymnastic-master, nutritionist, sophist and physician of the 5th century BC., who was born in Selymbria of Thrace, an old colony of Megara. It has been said that the first use of therapeutic exercise for the treatment of disease and maintenance of health is credited to him, and that he was one of the tutors of Hippocrates. He also recommended good diet and massage using beneficial herbs and oils, and his theories are considered the foundation of sports medicine. Herodicus, according to many historians, was considered the father of sports medicine.