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Personal care and grooming are for us the greatest source of inspiration for the creation of unique products that provide solutions to simple everyday issues, while at the same time meeting the modern needs of consumers. Each Herodicus Care product has its own story and stands out not only for the quality and effectiveness, which we always ensure are the highest, but also because a single use is enough to feel the difference. The secret is that there is no secret… we use the best ingredients to get you the products you deserve.

Each product is manufactured in Greece in collaboration with a leading Greek chemist following research into consumer needs. Our high-quality raw materials come, for the most part, from Greece, while complementary ones come from the largest European countries, always from certified suppliers. Production, packaging and storage are also done in Greece.

Each of our products is released to the market strictly and only when it has completed all the certification procedures and received the “Dermatologically Tested” mark.

Premium Massage Cream can be used both by specialized professionals and by ordinary consumers with the aim of its significant contribution to the treatment of muscle injuries. However, to get maximum results, we advise you to use it in combination with special techniques from a qualified professional as part of a holistic treatment and rehabilitation plan.

You can get our products by following the simple ordering steps through our site. With just 3 “clicks” you can send us your order and we will inform you immediately about its progress. Otherwise, there is also the possibility of telephone communication, as well as the purchase through our partners at selected points of sale.

Of course. You place your order and we dispatch your products by courier wherever you are. Also, through the voucher code, you can find out where it is at any time.

It is always our pleasure to establish stable and creative business relationships. If you want to join the Herodicus Care family you can send us your request through the site or by email and we will contact you with all the details of our commercial policy.


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